Be the first to shoot, but not the first to draw



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DEUL is a minimalist action game where you participate in a series of really unique duels. In the story mode you travel throughout the world in search of new rivals, who you have to try to kill before they kill you.

One of the main features of DEUL is that you can't be the first to draw your weapon. You have to wait for your opponent to do it before you. After shooting you soon realize why this game stands out: the physics are just excellent. The characters react in a very realistic way to the impact of the bullets, and the objects in the setting will break and react as well.

The story mode in DEUL offers a simple and addictive gameplay, but the game also offers several additional game modes that are equally fun. The multiplayer mode with the same device lets you play against a friend with a slight change in the gameplay: the first to press the screen when the light turns on wins.

DEUL is a brilliant action game that stands out immediately for its great graphics, and then proves to be even better thanks to its different game modes. A great game to play alone or with a friend.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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